The Old City Hall

The complex of buildings at the corner of Ćirilometodska served as Zagreb’s City Hall until after World War II, when it was moved to a newer part of town.

The complex of buildings at the corner of Ćirilometodska served as Zagreb’s City Hall until after World War II, when it was moved to a newer part of town. Since the Middle Ages this was where town officials held sessions. Today however only some ceremonial sessions are held at the old location, and with marriage ceremonies performed here on Saturdays it remains a place close to the hearts of many a Zagreb family. It was also here that Zagreb’s first theatre was built in 1833, financed by Kristofor Stanković – a local merchant who had just won the grand prize at the Vienna lottery. It was initially a German-language theatre, although something of a historical first occurred in 1835 when Croatian was used on stage during the intermission. In 1840 the first full-length Croatian play, “Juran and Sofija” by Ivan Kukuljević, was performed here, to be followed six years later by the first Croatian opera, “Love and Malice” by Vatroslav Lisinski.