Always to Remember

Zagreb is a true world metropolis and inside its stores you will find clothes and many other items that are made by world designers. Many stores offer both traditional and modern day Croatian products. Among the variety of hand-made goods and souvenirs based on tradition, the most famous is the licitarsko srce - made in the shape of a heart - symbol that represents the warmth of the city and its hospitable people. Visitors can also buy many other things like crystals, naďve paintings by famous Croatian artists, fashionable clothes, art objects that are made of precious metals, books, etc.

But that is not all... you may not know that Croatia is the birth place of the cravat (neck tie) and it is from here that this fashion accessory and symbol of business originated and spread across the world. Also, the first ever ball-point pen in the world was invented by Slavoljub Penkala from Zagreb, back in 1906. That is why, at the beginning of the 20th century, Zagreb was the European center for making pen products.
Cravats with original Croatian patterns and replicas of the first ball-point pen are an ideal gift that can be purchased in the country of their origin!